The Beginning of the Climb

 Tuesday night before lights out, Scott and Brooks asked for a show of hands of who would have a desire to climb the hill across the street which we lovingly call “AcroPortoRafti”.  All but about seven hands went up and alarms were set for 7:00.  This morning nine students and five dogs showed up to hike.  It turned out to be more of a climb than they thought but all made it and you can see by the pictures that it was worth the climb.

The Artemis where we are staying is the large building in the background of the next-to-last picture.  The last picture was taken from the Artemis balcony and if you have your reading glasses on you will be able to see our group at the top in the middle. All the kids are in bed, we had a great night visiting a Greek home.  You’ll hear about that later…

Jill and Amy