Top 11 Reasons I Signed Up
(with some of my favorite recent pictures)
Hiding in the Pine Tree
  1. The Pressure:

There is NONE. No pressure to sell. I don’t care if someone does or doesn’t buy it. I do care that they KNOW about it. At my age, my skin is NOT getting healthier on its own. It needs my help. I want my friends and family to know there is a way to help their skin look and feel healthier. Botox, laser treatments, and facelifts are not the only options out there. There is something less costly and less invasive and I know where you can get this stuff.

Following the Leader
  1. The Question:

Why not? I kept asking myself this question. This business required a small investment, no monthly quotas to meet, no inventory, a company maintained website that does my record keeping at a minimal monthly cost.  This was a low risk investment for me.

Central Park, NYC
  1. The Company:

It recently became a billion dollar company and it’s only 10 years old. It has passed up the long-standing giant of skin care to become the #1 skin care company in the U.S.  This is a company that is growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s the kind of company that is going somewhere.


  1. The Storefront:

Social media is where I post my photography and it would be a small step to add product photography to the mix. I love the challenge and the reward. I might be able to make a little money for new camera lenses, gifts, trips, or just pay for my own skin care.


  1. The Opportunity:

I couldn’t get it off my mind. I love the product. My friends and family will love the product. What if I made it available to them?


  1. The Products:

The products were developed by practicing dermatologists who have already created,  developed and sold another skin care line that swept the nation, Proactiv. They have done it before and are doing it again. I’d like to be a part of it.

“Rodan + Fields products are based on Stanford-trained dermatologists’, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, philosophy of Multi-Med® Therapy. This regimen-based approach to treating common skin concerns combines over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and active cosmetic ingredients in the right combination with optimized, elegant formulations to deliver clinically proven results, without a visit to the dermatologist’s office. All regimens undergo third party clinical tests to ensure safety and efficacy. Our products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.” from


  1. The Inventory:

There is NO inventory. Love that. Who has room for boxes upon boxes of products? The point of purchase is typically my website and the products ship directly to the customer. LOVE this.


  1. The Investment:

To be a consultant, you can buy kits with differing amounts of products at a greatly reduced price to launch your business OR you can spend less than $100 and sign up and get started. That’s it. You decide which products and how much you want to spend to begin. I bought 2 regimens to use as loaner kits for friends to try for a few days and I had some mini facials to give to family and friends so they could try the product. It probably would have been cheaper to buy the consultant kit but I liked the control over exactly what I purchased. There is a small monthly fee for a company maintained website that does the majority of my financial record keeping. The record keeping is no small thing for me. I love the website.


  1. The Process:

I love to wash my face — before R+F ~ “I should wash WHAT every night? WHY? That makes my skin feel tight and overexposed. I’ll keep this foundation goop on to protect my face.” — after R+F ~ “What time is it? Is anyone coming over? I’m going to wash my face. Because it FEELS so good and my skin is healthier after every wash. ”


  1. The Branding:

The company has an incredible reputation. I just let people know that they can get it through me. The products sell themselves. I’ve watched enough Shark Tank to understand that branding is critical.  🙂


  1. The Products:

My skin is getting noticeably better and healthier every day.



I began using the products in July and began selling the products in October because I was convinced that these products could help many people, not just me, take care of their skin.


Want to join me?  This is going to be FUN!

I am still discovering how much fun this venture can be!

I hope you have a great day!