Everyone seemed to enjoy a day of “non-touring”.  It was a very interesting day of class this morning as we traced church history.   The students were able to ask lots of questions about the things they had observed yesterday.  It was evident in their expressions that they were really thinking through and processing the information.

It has been around a hundred degrees temperature the last few days.  We have air conditioning in the bedrooms and the classroom but the heat didn’t keep the students from getting out and about.  After a supper of shrimp fettucini, several activities were started around the lobby such as nertz, movies and a large game of Wise and Otherwise. 

“Meet tonight in the lobby and we will all go for ice cream…our treat.” 

About 9:00 we took all of those who wanted gelato to the ice cream store down the street. 

Homemade Greek Gelato




Even though there is no picture to document the adults’  ice cream eating, we all got our share!  Those that are missing from the photos came into the Artemis a few minutes later with a pizza box in their hands…so don’t feel sorry for them!

Amy and Jill