My son, Locke and his fiancé, Sarah, have written the sweet story about their engagement and the events leading up to it.  I could hardly see through my tears to finish reading it. They have such a sweet love for each other and the Lord.


Our Story

Sarah’s side of their story:

How it began

It was one of my first days back on Harding’s campus after an adventurous summer break. Locke and I had been introduced in the caf the spring semester before by our good friend Daniel Evans. I passed Locke on my way to the Student Center and out of fear of not being remembered, I just gave him a subtle soft smile. He continued walking by with out noticing me. But just as the embarrassment of rejection started to creep in, Locke turned around and said “Is that Sarah Creeley?” I laughingly answered yes and we began making small talk about our summer.

We ran into each other a few more times after that and our conversations grew a little longer. A couple of weeks passed and I had a voicemail from an unknown number. Locke left a sweet message full of compliments and asked for the opportunity to get to know me better. With some encouragement from my roommates, I hesitantly said yes.

We went on a walk before chapel and talked about our deep love for the Lord. As Locke continued talking, I knew he was a person that was going to challenge me to think deeper and love better.

Our second date was at the cabin he built with his friends.

Locke has a great appreciation of nature and we enjoyed laying under the stars and getting to know each other better that night. The cabin has been a special place for the both of us since then.

Locke’s Side of their Story:

The Proposal

If you are reading this then you may be asking why one should propose to Sarah Elizabeth Creeley. Well the real question is why not. I shall tell you. It is because I already did…sorry fellas. Here is how it went down.

Wednesday April 5, 2017

What she knows: I am an idiot who doesn’t know how to plan things or be romantic

What she doesn’t know: I already had the ring and stayed up till 4:00am working on the proposal the night before

Goal 1: Trick Sarah into thinking I am an awful boyfriend

Sitting through my 8:00am was a nightmare. I could think about nothing else but my plan to ask my beautiful girlfriend to marry me.We were working out in our weight lifting class at 10am. As we are on the ellipticals “working out” she asks if I had a ring yet. To keep from lying I fill my face with concern and disappointment as if I had not bought the ring yet. Because we had already set the date of the wedding we knew I had to get on it, which was going to make it difficult to surprise her. She could not begin planning and inviting people to the hundreds of parties that a bride is supposed to have if I did not propose. Rightfully so, she was not very pleased. Me on the other hand…thrilled. After classes she has to lead a group through a service project. I gather some friends, buy 500 candles, and head out to the cabin.

Goal 2: Get Sarah to the Cabin

I receive a text a few hours later. Sarah is done with her service project. I drive back to campus and pick her up. She points out my bad odor (I had been nervous all day..what do you expect). When I get her in my car I text Trey Davis who is at the cabin to get ready, and I text Dave Taylor to text all her friends (who had no idea) about what is happening and where to be at dark. Sarah had said she had a lot to do, but after some convincing that we had not had much quality time together she reluctantly agrees to go to the cabin. We drive up on this cold windy Wednesday evening and see the cabin in the distance. It looked plain as usual.

Goal 3: Distract Sarah until everything is in position

We walk around my families property of 100 acres. The sun is down and the winds are high. After showing her random field after random field she gets a little uncomfortably cold. I must continue distracting her until I receive a coded text. After long miserable minutes go by of looking at fireflies and stars on a chilly night, I receive the text. I apologize for my bad idea of coming out to the cabin and begin to head to the car. She confessed that she thought I would propose, but said that she was silly to think that because “who would propose in the dark?” After getting a little lost, leading her into branches and barbed wire we come upon the luminous Cabin. Sarah says, “Locke, the Cabin is on fire!”

Goal 4: Speak good words at her

I grab her hand and begin to lead her closer. There are tiki torches in the front, music is playing, and the ring box is on the table. Amidst the 500 candles I begin to tell her meaningful moments to me in our relationship as I fight back tears. The tears were winning. While talking my friends were setting up the boxes that spelled, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Goal 5: Trick her to say yes

I lead her out to the porch and get on one knee and pop the question.

She said yes!!!!!!!!

We sit on the porch and not too long after our friends arrive and have a big bonfire.

I want to thank all of my friends who made that night possible.

This story does not do Sarah’s perfect heart justice. Words cannot express how amazing my fiance is. There is no other thing on earth as beautiful as her. No human has ever had or ever will have her perfect smile. To simply know her is an incredible honor, but to marry her is something indescribable.

Engagement pictures by Josiah Abney


I hope you have a great day!