“You can call the states for free from the phones in the Artemis.”  Woohoo!   We are all very grateful to be able to stay in touch with our families while we are so far away. 

The phones are cordless phones that the students can use whenever it is convenient.  Occassionally one will wander off and not come back to it’s cradle in a timely manner.  Yesterday we had this happen and I reminded Scott about 3 times to announce to the students to keep their eyes out for the wayward phone.  He would look at me and pause as if evaluating if this was a worthy announcement and then proceed to ask the students to look again for the lost phone.

Would you be able to pick the phone out of a line-up….if you were trying to supervise 36 students, worrying about your 2 kids still at home with grandparents and in a foreign land??!!  In the midst of various asundry remotes??

Variety of Remote Devices on My Coffee Table

 Me neither…. I haven’t told the students they can stop looking.  I just can’t quite bring myself….

It reminds me of times that I have critiqued others only to find the fault  is deepest within me.