Warning:  This post is all about clothes…

I got my box today!  This is what was in it – minus the black pants that were like nice yoga pants. They just weren’t nice enough to wear to work and anywhere else I would wear them, I’d probably pick my yoga pants. Besides they were $98.

I had 5 items.

1.  Black pants by Margaret M, Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser that I already mentioned. Returned. ($98)

2.  Grey Cowl Neck by Market and Spruce. I liked it. It will fit in well with my closet since I wear a lot of black and white. $48 kept

3.  Black Laila Jayde Cowl Neck. I didn’t really like it. It was very thin and I would wear it as an undershirt but don’t need it. I have several of these type tops. $38 returned

4.  Simone Embroidered Top by Market and Spruce. It was very comfortable but too casual for me to spend $78 on it and not be able to wear it to work. It also didn’t look like me. Too expensive. Returned.

5.  Kentucky Pleated Blouse by Fun2Fun $48. This was comfortable and long. I like the color so I kept it. It’s really more than I would normally pay, but it did come to my door and it is sooo soft.

There you have it.

I have read that the goal of Stitch Fix is for you to keep one item per box.  I kept 2.  So minus the $20 styling fee, these 2 tops cost under $40 each.

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