I’ve linked up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share books that I’ve been reading lately.  If you click on her link, you will see lots and lots of books and reviews. 

Joe Rantz is an old man at the beginning of the book. The author tells his life story and how Joe came to be a part of the U. S. Olympic rowing team in 1936.  

The 1936 Olympic Games were held in Germany at the very beginning of Hitler’s rise to power. This book follows the U.S. Olympic rowing team from the formation of the team as freshmen at the University of Washington all the way to the Olympics in Berlin. Daniel Brown shows us what is happening in Berlin as we follow the young team through defeats and victories all the way to Germany. 

I was reminded of how the Naxis scrubbed Berlin of all its ugliness before the world concentrated it’s focus on the city during the Olympics.  The horror of Nazi Germany was hidden from the athletes, journalist, and visitors who came for the games. 

I listened to this book through Audible. It was a pleasure to listen to Edward Hermann read.  As you probably know, he was Lorelei’s father in Gilmore Girls.  I love his voice!

I really liked this book.  I’m quick to abandon a book if I’m not captivated but I stayed with this book to the end.  

This is a nonfiction book that I would highly recommend. It’s a great story with a satisfying ending.