I picked up Meredith from school after I had worked all day.  She hopped in the car, hot and sweaty from basketball practice.

Meredith:  You look nice today, Mom.  I like that jacket.

Me:  Thanks!  ( I love compliments….especially from my kids!)

Meredith:  But I think it would look better with a short-sleeve shirt.  But it’s ok.  I know you probably put that on because you were cold.

Me:  Hahahaha…..

Yikes!  I have turned into that kind of old lady?  The ones that don’t match because matching is way down on the list now that they’ve aged and have sub par circulation.  Is that how I dress?  People hardly give a second glance….”Don’t mind her.  She’s just cold.”

Well, it could be worse….I could be cold.  🙂