Finally a weekend to have my son’s friends over.  He spends lots of time in town at other people’s houses.  It was high time we have the bunch over to our house!  We live far enough out to make the drive really inconvenient.  But today would be perfect for a cookout.  We would get to host a teen party and spend some time with our teenager’s friends.  We would be the perfect, cool parents.  I’d buy all the right foods.  We would get the horses out to ride.  Crank up the old jeep.  What could be better?  In the country ……on a crisp autumn day…..with the coolest parents in charge of fun.  My son will be so proud!


Son:  Do you have marshmallows for s’mores?

Mom:  Yes, I do! (so proud)

Son:  How are we going to roast them?

Me:  We will get a stick or something and sharpen the end.

Son:  …..pause…..ummmm…….They won’t do that. …….They aren’t like us….

I’m sorry…did he just say…”they aren’t like us”?  Really? What in the world does that mean?  I have probably passed the age of understanding exactly what that might mean… I’ll just have to live with it.  I’m just glad “they aren’t like US.”  At least he still includes himself in our  strange, oddball family!