Country Girl

I was walking the halls of my daughter’s school last week enjoying the stories that her class had written about their favorite things to do. I came across hers and had to fight the urge to scrape it off the wall and shove it in my purse.

It started out fine…she likes to play with her older brother and wade in the water, go fishing. Great, wholesome, country girl activities, building a long-lasting relationship with her brother, appreciating and loving nature.

About this time, I’m patting myself on the back for raising my children in the country with lots of space to roam, keeping them in touch with God’s creation. Then came the zinger, “We also like to get our slingshots and guns and shoot birds.”

Great…She had to add that. I’ve told them not to shoot birds! Never thought I would have to instruct my little girl who wore bows as big as her head to not shoot birds. This is the same girl who has brought me baby squirrels who have fallen out of their nest to nurse back to health.

She took it just one step too far…I’m afraid she went right from country girl to redneck girl.

Gotta love her!!