i-love-blogging1I have begun blogging in secret. My husband gets his feelings hurts when I’m on the computer and not engaged with what is going on around me! I guess he has a point, but it’s really hard to blog when he’s not around. He’s always around! We have pretty much the same schedule, so I’m trying to get creative.

I thought I had the perfect solution. I couldn’t sleep one night, so I got up and began a blog post. I was in the den…but I heard from deep in our room “Come back to bed!” It was 3:00 AM. He had been sound asleep.

It’s as if he can smell my writing. I’ve gotten jumpy when I am blogging, like I’m doing something I’m not suppose to be doing. But I love writing. I love reflecting on my days and trying to craft a story.

I’m pretty good at hiding some things…like chocolate and receipts….(hiding is a strong word…more like discreet storage) maybe I’ll get better at hiding my blogging.

Have you ever hidden anything from your husband? Not that I am promoting keeping secrets from your spouse, but…have you? Do you?