linus1“Just let the ragged end drag.”  That’s what my mom said to me when I was telling her about a decision I was trying to make at work. I am in charge of a grant that has to be zeroed out or totally spent by the end of the fiscal year.  I don’t know how much to hang on to and how much to spend.  I can’t have any left over at the end of the year, but I also have nowhere else to get more, should I run out too early.  Too much pressure!

She told me to do the best I could with the information I had and “just let the ragged end drag.”  In other words, it doesn’t all have to be perfect.

Okay.  I’m going to let the ragged end drag…like Linus.  🙂

Are you able to let the ragged end drag at times?  Are you a perfectionist?  Does everything have to come out just so?