Swoop bangs. That was what my daughter asked for last week. “Mom,” she said, “can you give me swoop bangs?”


Any mom worth her salt should be able to give her daughter swoop bangs. Right?

I had never heard of swoop bangs. I have sinced googled it. It’s a phrase.

We went to the bathroom and I got the scissors and started cutting. As her fine, blonde hair started falling in the sink (along with my confidence), her eyes sparkled and she said, “That’s it!” I immediately stopped. We were done.

I did it! She now has swoop bangs. Whew! I hope subsequent requests will be that easy.

I decided a long time ago that I would not let her hair become a “thing”. It’s her hair. I want her to have control over her hair. Remind me of this later!

Actually, I found out when she was 3 that I didn’t have all that much control over her hair. One Saturday, Scott and I were watching TV on our bed

Meredith the Hairstylist
Meredith the Hairstylist

when she came scooting into our room. Her eyes were sparkling just like they did last week when the swoop bangs came to fruition. Only she was the one with the scissors when she was 3. I thought she had pulled her whispy blonde hair back in a pony tail. NO…she had cut it all off…above her ears. Hair was all over the kitchen floor.

I wanted to cry. She loved it.

After her spanking, she looked in the mirror and shook her hair and said, “I look like Locke!” (her 5 yr. old brother whom she adored)

One more proof that she loved it….We were walking up to church the next morning and there were large plate-glass windows in the doors. Meredith slowed down, flipped her hair around, and said, “I am so beautiful!”

And she was beautiful, lopsided hair and all!