You have been my friend," replied Charlotte. "That in itself is a tremendous thing." —E.B. White Charlotte's Web


I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, teacher. My husband and I live on a small horse farm and have 3 grown children. We had one year of the empty nest when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all 3 children moved back home. I was surrounded by their love and care as I went through chemo, surgeries, and radiation. Now that I have completed treatments and am cancer free, they are all poised to leave again. One is looking for a new job, one is going to New Zealand for the summer, and my baby girl is getting married this summer. Life is moving on!

My husband and I are both teachers at our alma mater and find great joy and satisfaction in our work. I teach in the college of education and Scott is a professor of Bible. 

My life’s work is to bring honor and glory to God in all that I do and all that I am. I am awed by his mercies. I am so thankful to be in him as he is changing me to be like Jesus. 

I love photography, especially equine photography. I take lots of pictures of our horses and post the ones I like the best. I also love to cook. My daughter and I are into cooking fresh organic fruits and veggies that have cancer-fighting properties. So you’ll find a few recipes scattered throughout my blog. I write about my faith and what I understand about life. Writing helps me process my thoughts and I hope it will be an encouragement to you. 

Front porch visits tend to invite an openness that can be hard to experience in a restaurant or over a text. When you come to sit on the porch, there is time to let the mind wander and share with a friend things that are meaningful. I hope that’s what you find here. Something meaningful. Something funny. Something worthwhile. Something to make your day a little better, something to make you think a little deeper, something to make your day a little brighter … Like visiting with a friend on the front porch. 

I hope you have a great day, front porch friend!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy,
    You are so amazing. I never knew all this about you….And, you are inspirational–makes me want to do one too! Do you mind if I copy you???


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