Today was a full day spent at the Artemis.  The students had class all morning and two quizzes today.

Studying the Greek Way
Today's Lunch

 Fofi fixed chicken kabobs for lunch.  The chicken was wrapped in bacon and she  served it wih broccoli and an amazing tortellini dish.  It was probably the hardest day of class and Greek but the students had lots of freetime.  Some played games or music (the artemis has a baby grand piano and several guitars), others swam or went for ice cream.  A big group went to the outdoor theater just down the street to watch a current film playing there.  It was a perfect evening for it and I can’t wait to hear about that experience.

Vicki, the receptionist and Fofi, the cook, with two of our students
Apples to Apples
Music Time

Tomorrow we go to the ancient city of Corinth and climb to the top of the Acro Corinth.  We will also get to see the Corinthian Canal and another ancient city, Epidaurus.  This will be an active day and lots of beautiful scenery.  Thanks for all your comments and prayers.  Keep them coming!