I laughed and teased about learning the emergency dismount at a training I went to recently. When would I ever use that!?!

The Emergency Dismount

Before you get started, you should know how to do an emergency dismount — unfortunately, it is likely that you will have to do one sometime while riding bareback. An emergency dismount is always the best way to go if you feel yourself falling. You are less likely to be hurt.

To emergency dismount, lean forward, drop the reins, slide one leg over the horse’s back, and land on your feet… before you land on your head. You have to do this very quickly, though. Your horse may stop, but he also may keep going. That’s fine. Most likely, you’re in an enclosed area, so he can’t go far.  from WikiHorses

(I had no saddle and no helmet, though my official position is to always ride with a helmet.)

Monday, I needed and used, quite successfully the Emergency Dismount!  I climbed up on Spirit for a nice quick bareback ride and he was ready to go before I had my balance.  I was flopping all over his back.  I knew I was coming off.  My choices were to either flop off his back or dismount using my handy, dandy new skill.

I chose the skill.

I will not make fun of the Emergency Dismount ever again…I will use it with pride and teach it with flourish.

I was rattled and shaken up, but climbed back on and rode for a while.  The next day, I took the time and effort to put his saddle squarely on his back.  It is much easier to hang on that way!