barbiesjpegBarbies were everywhere.  There was a plethora of barbies.  My friend told her 2 girls that it was time to go through their barbies and get rid of the ones they didn’t use.

The girls lined up about 30 dolls, ragged and dirty, to give away.

“Put them in a box and we will get rid of them.”  she told her girls.

“Mom”, they said, “we can’t give them away like this.”

They got a wash cloth and cleaned them all off, found a brush to make their hair pretty, and went to their closet and picked them all out some pretty clothes.

“Now they are ready.”

The children boxed them up and gave them away.

How many times have I gotten rid of ragged, worn out things without a second thought to the people who would receive them?  Without a pause to make them nice for the next owner?

Way to go, girls!  Thanks for the lesson.