After all the commotion of the last few weeks, I had almost forgotten about my Stitch Fix box that was coming in the mail. It was quite a bright spot for me.  A pleasant interruption. 

It was a nice distraction yesterday. 

Brandy C sent me some fun pieces that included a pair of jeans that I can definitely use.  They are super soft and stretchy. 

I liked the tops but decided there wasn’t anything I couldn’t live without but, in case your curious, here they are. Excuse the horses in the background but I can’t seem to take a picture these days without a little equine action. 

She also sent this bracelet that is secured with a tie and I really like it. So I kept it along with the jeans. 

If you want to know more about Stitch Fix, you can read my first post about it here

Have a great day! 💕