My husband and I met at Camp Tahkodah one summer and were engaged the next summer.  We met by “chance” and after a few months were convinced we wanted to live together forever.  I took a little longer to convince, but then, I was out of school and a little unsure of the college junior pursuing me.  Looking back, it was a fast and furious courtship, but in the midst of our dating, the days were inflated with their own since of importance.  Those days were so important.  Those days when I was choosing my mate.  creek

There are no guarantees, no fool proof instructions.  However, choose wisely, prayerfully, and in full submission to God.  Listen to your trusted confidants, your parents, adults whom you admire.  Take your time.  Get to know his family.  All of these things will help you make a good and wise decision.  Remember the kings of the Old Testament and their fate as they chose wives who turned their hearts from God.

For those of you who are married:

How did you meet your Mr. Right?  Were you set up by friends and an awful blind date followed or did you catch eyes for several days before cabin1agreeing to go out?  Did you meet in college or had you graduated and edged up close to the “I’ll never find someone.” stage?

For those of you who are not married:

Describe your ideal mate.  Not a list, but rambling thoughts of who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

We all have our stories and gain something each time we tell it.

Have a great day, Friends!