Use the Internet with Caution

One of the hallmarks of the breast cancer experience is the unknowns. There are so many questions that I had. What are my survival chances? How do I keep this from coming back? Which procedures are the most effective?  What are these medicines that I’m taking? What has this experience been like for other people?

The list goes on forever. It is tempting to get on the Internet and search and read and search some more. But for me, many of these sessions left me with either more questions or worse, inaccurate information and I found myself prepared for a 5 hour procedure that actually only took half an hour or concerned about a side effect that never actually transpired. 

The best source of information is your doctor and nurses. Bar none. When questions arise, ask, but ask your doctor or your nurses. 

My best advice concerning the Internet is to have someone else do most of your searches. Let them filter for you.  Don’t search alone. 

Be wary of forums. Remember that every case is different. Every person is different. Your doctor is treating you

Information is helpful and there are a lot of decisions to make, so I understand the great tool that the Internet can be when it comes to information but only use it as a tool and be cautious. Make sure you are looking at reputable sites. 

I remember getting deep into the dregs of the Internet searching for answers to ‘what ifs’ when I realized a really great day was passing me by. I felt pretty good but my heart was heavy and becoming heavier the more I searched. I texted Scott, ‘Tell me to stop searching the internet.’ He did. I went outside for a walk which did me more good than anything online. 

God bless!


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