When I’m writing a blog post, it feels like I’m sitting on the front porch with a friend drinking a big glass of sweet tea and talking. Talking about those things that make us laugh, cry, think, and wonder. Because of that,  I’ve changed the name and the look of my blog to match.  Front Porch Friend just fits better. It captures what this has become for me.  A time to visit with my good friends who like to sit on the porch and talk. Sometimes our talk is serious and heavy but sometimes it’s light-hearted and fun. 

And there’s a lot to see from the front porch. 

Sunday we let Oopsie and the baby out of the pasture and into the yard to graze on the nice, rich grass around the house. Sunday was a good day for a front porch visit. 

Anne and Haley came by to get to know the baby a little. I think he and Haley connected.

Anne is crazy about him, too. 

His long legs make it hard to get his muzzle down far enough to get some clover.  He has to bend his front legs to reach the grass. 

Oopsie wanted to know what Haley was up to. 

Little One nibbled on a few of the roses. He is curious about everything. 

He follows his mama everywhere and is never very far from her. 

My parents had Sunday dinner with us and Dad spent some time with the little one. I’m so thankful that the little guy is friendly. 

Front porch visits are special. They tend to invite an openness that can be hard to find in our fast-paced world. There is an unhurried, relaxed feel when you sit with a friend on the porch. Conversation ebbs and flows from the silly to the serious. There is time to let the mind wander a bit. There is time and space to share your heart with a friend. 

I hope that’s what you find here on Front Porch Friend. I hope there is something to make your day a little better, like visiting with a friend on her front porch. 

I hope you have a great day!