Recently we gathered with several other couples to celebrate an upcoming marriage. The purpose was to share advice about marriage and what we have learned through the years. I shared the affair-proof advice from that time here. This is general “if I could tell you one thing” kind of advice. 
We went around the room and every person had a chance to express what they believed to be one of the best things they do or don’t do to keep their marriage strong. 

Here’s a summary as best I can remember!


Don’t get a laugh at your spouse’s expense. 

Forgive and forgive and forgive — quickly and completely. Disagreements and hurts can be like a tangled fishing line. Sometimes you can’t straighten or untangle the line, you just have to cut the line and start over. Just let it go and forgive and move on. 

Use your resources before there are problems – go to marriage seminars, have mentors

God completes you, not your spouse. 

Don’t be critical of your spouse. 

Listen to your spouse to the extent that you can articulate their point of view– even if you don’t agree with it 

Love with your eyes. 

Pray together every night. 

Don’t have a TV in your room. 

Evaluate your marriage at anniversary times. Take stock and see where you are. What can you do to improve it?

Do spiritual disciplines together. 

Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Believe in their best intentions. 

Have people in your home. 

Leave a legacy and generations will be blessed. 

Bless others. 

Be intentional. Don’t drift – work on your marriage – be determined to be close and in love. 

Be aware of the power of your words. Be careful about the words that you use with each other. What you say matters.  What you say shapes your relationship. 


Happy Mother’s Day!  Here is a previous post about my mom. 

I hope you have a great day!