I woke up really early Friday morning and was in the kitchen when I glanced out the window. I did a double take. It was just beginning to get light so I wasn’t sure that I actually saw what I thought I saw but right there in our back pasture was this tiny little guy staring back at me. I wondered whose foal had gotten lost and wandered into our pasture. I figured some poor mamma had brought her baby over to visit. But there was no mamma around. There was only Oopsie and the rest of our herd.

Back in the early fall, I thought she might be expecting a foal but I was told that she wasn’t and I let it go. All of us decided she was just overweight and would lose it once she was ridden regularly. We put her in a stall a few weeks ago and really watched what she ate  and my daughter rode her several times a week. She was not losing weight and life got busy so we put her back out with the herd.

This picture was taken in October.  She looks pretty big.

Then on this day, April 22, 2016, she lost her weight over night.

I hurried into Meredith’s room to get her up so we could go look together. She popped up out of bed and went outside.
We couldn’t believe it!  We actually had a baby!   The last time we had a foal born on our farm was about 10 years ago.

Oopsie was very protective. At first she wouldn’t let Walker close. Notice how her ears are flat against her head?  She means business.

The entire herd was fascinated. In fact, when Oopsie took the baby into a stall, they all hung around outside the door as if they were trying to get a peek at the baby. They reminded me of how we all do at church when new babies come for the first time.

Walker has convinced Oopsie that he can be trusted and has deemed himself their protector. He stood at the door of the stall and wouldn’t let the rest of the herd inside to bother them.

He also tends to keep himself between the herd and the mamma and baby. In this video, you can see Walker, the dark horse, escort Oopsie and the baby out of the small paddock as he keeps himself positioned between the other horses and the new baby. This has kept Walker busy all day.

Rocky was also excited.

Sometimes he likes to just hang out with the foal. In fact I can hardly get a picture without him in it.

Meredith was the first one to pet him.  Oopsie trusts Meredith.

I took a short video of him loping a little.

Here he is almost bucking.

That’s the first day of our little surprise.

I hope you have a great day!