Our house was built in 1911 and I have always felt that my decorating attempts or lack of attempts didn’t do it justice. When I walked into the house for the first time 11 years ago, I gasped. I fell completely in love with the place. However, I am no Joanna Gaines. So as much as I love our home and little farm, it’s just an old farmhouse. And yet, this spring I have become invigorated with LIFE!  I’m so thankful to have survived breast cancer treatment that I am drunk on life. Praise God!  Everywhere I look, I look for signs of life. Spring has coincided with the end of my formal treatments and it has fueled my excitement for waking up every day. We are also preparing for my daughter’s wedding in August so planning is now in full force. It’s an exciting time around here.

All of that to say, I have put new energies into some decorating of our old farmhouse. We have been here for 11 years and only this month have I put up curtains. So embarrassing!  Here’s the before…

And the after… I ordered these from Amazon. Here is the link.

Then I cut off the handles of Walmart sacks to temporarily tie back my new curtains and ‘secured’ them with push pins I found in my junk drawer.

I was really pleased with how it softened this room. One of these days I will make proper curtains out of them and secure them correctly.

This is one of the big, almost blank walls in our home with a picture hung on a nail placed by the previous owner.

I know. It made no sense except that it stored my picture.


I sent several of my horse photos to Walgreens to get some prints made. If the photos don’t print well, which happens often to me because I edit them for viewing on a mobile device and it doesn’t always play nice when printing, Walgreens will take them back and you don’t have to pay for them. Michael’s was having a sale so I bought some frames for 1/2 off.  I searched online for how to make a gallery wall and found some tips here and here and here.

I laid my frames out on my kitchen table first and cut out their shapes on old Christmas wrapping paper. I put those on the wall so I could get the spacing and height correct without lots of nail holes.

Then I measured the placement of the hangers on the back of the frames, marked the nail placement on the paper, and hammered the nails in on top of the wrapping paper and hung the photos on top of the paper. When I was confident that I had the photos in the right spot, I removed the pictures, took the paper off the wall, and rehung the photos without having to remove the nails.

I did the same thing in our bedroom.  There is no before picture because it was just a blank wall.

These frame were attached to each other already so it was simple to put them on the wall.

If grandchildren ever come along, I will replace the horses with babies!  But that may be awhile.

I hope you have a great day!