I edit my pictures with an app on my phone. I’m thrilled when I can edit a picture and reveal the beauty in a particular horse or herd of horses. Sometimes I want to share my relationship with a horse. I want to capture the joy and the emotions that swell up inside of me when I am at peace with a horse. Sometimes I want to show the excitement that courses through their veins when spooked or the weather changes suddenly.
Editing tools work magic. All of a sudden other people can see what I feel.

Below is an original picture with no editing.

This is a horse that I am deeply attached to. He sees me from the far end of the pasture and begins the long walk to where I am before any of the other horses even notice me. We have been through a lot together. I have shown him in a few horse shows. He is a wonderful therapy horse. He is gentle with children but requires everyone to earn his trust before he will comply with directives. He has taught several children to ride. He is patient with those who are scared but will teach know-it-alls that they really don’t. He has helped me get through chemo and radiation. Yesterday I rode him for the first time in a very long time.

This is a picture I took last week. Nothing special about it except that I love him.

It’s far too dark so I opened it in my editing app, Snapseed.

Once it’s in my app, I can lighten it. It’s too dark on its own. I have to add light.

Once it has plenty of light, I start tuning it up to see if there is anything here that reflects my heart.

Now I can see his big brown eyes that are glued to me and reading my subtle cues. He is even leaning in towards me.
The picture may need warmth or more contrast.   I may need to make the colors richer.

Then I crop the photo. This makes so much difference. I can crop out an ugly background. I can forever lose the dilapidated shed in the background.

I can also decide what I want to be the focal point of the picture.  His perfect ears and those warm brown eyes become the focus of this picture.  You can see that he is leaning towards me and is taking a step to get closer to me.

Next I can sharpen the photo so it appears clearer, cleaner, and crisper than the original.

Then I can lighten the outer edges or darken it some. The clouds benefit from this by becoming a bit more dramatic.

Then I save it to my photos and decide if I want to publish it.  It doesn’t take long but makes all the difference.

Here is the finished picture.

Here is what I started with…

In a sense, Jesus uses an editing tool on me before presenting me to God. I need more light. My heart is darkened by sin. I need to be tuned up. I need the love of Jesus to enrich my color and make me clean. I need him to crop out my ugly background of disobedience and fear. I need him to add warmth.

The analogy doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny but I think there are some parallels.

I’m so thankful that I do not stand alone before the Almighty in my darkened state. I have One who stands with me and cleans me up by his grace and mercy because of his undying love for me.

Have a great day!