When I arrived at the hospital for my last surgery, the receptionist gave me 2 bracelets to put on before I went behind the heavy doors to prep for the surgery. They were different colors but both had a sticker that read FALL RISK.  

These bracelets were announcing my problem to the staff. The nurses knew what might happen to me if given the right circumstances. Everyone knew I might fall. 

 I think these might be helpful if others would let us know about themselves. What might someone do in the course of an ordinary day that I should know about?

Here are a few risks:

Takes things personally risk

Grumpy risk

Borrows money risk

Fakes listening risk

Talks incessantly risk

Needs a ride risk

Spits when talking risk

Bad breath risk

Seeks personal favor risk

Divulge secret risk

Bad joke risk

What bracelet would help us care for each other better?  What bracelet would we put on our friends, children, parents?  What should your bracelet say today?

Here are a few:

Sadness risk

Losing faith risk

Lonely risk

Missing joy risk

Doubt risk

Needs approval risk

Feeling hopeless risk

Can’t see Jesus risk

Worry risk

Not in the word risk

Loves money risk

Overwhelmed risk

Needs a kind word risk

Feels unloved risk

Fearful of the future risk

What if we could see each other’s risks in plain view?  What if we knew what to watch for to help?  Would we help if we knew?

The nurses were extra careful with me to make sure I didn’t fall.  Shouldn’t we be extra careful with others’ risks?

Have a great day!