Being in the now has been one of my greatest challenges in the past few months.  And yet I know that now is all any of us have. 

Here is my now… On December 25, 2015. 

Today for my Christmas present, my husband, all three children, and my parents worked on our storm shelter.  No one really uses it or even cares about it but me. In fact, I may be the only one (besides the dogs) that gets in it when the weatherman tells us to take cover. …except Meredith who has been known to join me, if I beg her to come with me. 

I love having a storm shelter. I’ve never lived in a house that had one until now. But this shelter has become knee deep in water because the drainage ditch is clogged with leaves and other debris. The ditch needed to be cleared and whatever else one does to a ditch to keep it working.  So, this work that my family is doing is hard and they are doing it only because it is important to me. What a gift!

The beginning…. 

You can hardly see the storm shelter. 


They even broke a shovel …  It was a huge job. 

My mom was right in the middle of it, too. …even though this was when they were working on a puzzle. (But this was such a good picture of her… I wanted to include it.)

The horses became interested. 


And wanted some attention. 


And they got it.  



My cleaned up storm shelter. My now

The end…


 I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!  And enjoy your now


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