My box was waiting for me when I got home from my very last chemo treatment. Perfect timing! 

How it works…

Each box has 5 items selected especially for you by a stylist who reads your profile that you complete when you register for the service. It’s an extensive profile and can be modified at any time. You try on the items at home with your own shoes, etc.  Keep what you want and send the rest back in a large prepaid envelope that also comes in the box. You are charged $20 for the service but it is applied to whatever you keep. Also, you receive 25% off the total, if you keep everything in your box.  If you follow this link Stitch Fix will give me a $25 credit toward my next purchase at no cost to you after you receive your first fix.  So use my link if you are interested and we both win!

What I received in this fix…

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf

I really liked this!  It has wool in it but is so soft. I think I will love this during the winter. I’m always cold!  I kept it. 

Meldrum Sequin  Detail Blouse
I asked for something green and love this blouse. It was exactly what I was looking for. I have nothing else like it.  I kept it. 

Ezzie Lace Detail Blouse

I was on the fence with this one. It was really cute but I have some tops that are similar so I sent it back… But could have kept it. 

Nira Pullover Sweater


(Excuse the sparse mantel…it’s a work in progress….) 

I like the color okay but the style was not flattering on me or my daughter. It was 100% acrylic which I am not a fan of so I sent it back.  
Marson Wide Leg Jean

I really liked these but I have some similar jeans in my closet. I almost kept them but decided against it. I may regret it but I sent them back. 

It seems to me that you get the most out of the service if you only keep one or two things..or everything. I have kept everything only one time and that was because I really four items and keeping four items was more expensive than keeping five with the 25% discount. 

Here are the styling cards that came with the clothes. 

I noticed that you can also give $20 gift cards for Christmas so a friend or relative can try the service for free. I’m thinking that I may buy one for a gift. 

I hope you have a great day!