This smoothie is simply a concoction of the healthiest, tastiest items in my kitchen. We have had it as a smoothie AND as a frozen treat. Both ways are delicious. 

I put these all on the counter and then added them to the blender. 

I didn’t measure anything.. Just dumped stuff in. Here’s a rough estimate. We split it 3 ways and still had a little bit to freeze. 

1-2 cups of blueberries

2T of cashew butter

1-2 frozen or fresh bananas (I like the frozen because of the slushy factor)

1 cup Greek yogurt, (I used strawberry banana)

5 strawberries (stems and all), 

2-3 T of ground flaxseed

2-3 c of soy or almond milk (enough to cover and blend)

1-2 c of fresh spinach leaves (actually 1-2 handfuls 😊)

The first day I made this I went on a walk around the farm and Walker was very curious about my cup. 

I couldn’t resist…

I think he likes it!  I hope you do, too!

Have a great day!