California Slush is one of our favorite summertime refreshments. It reminds me of Karen who introduced it to us when we had just moved to a new city. She brought over a big container full of this delicious slushy treat on a really hot day. She was so thoughtful. She helped me feel not so alone during those first few months. 

This recipe was my submission for the Ko Jo Kai cookbook.  It was one of the first ones I thought of when asked to submit a recipe. 


My family loves this.  I use whatever fruit suits me at the time. I have pretty much settled on strawberries and bananas because I like the frozen texture. I have used crushed pineapple, cherries, peaches, and other various fruit. I like six bananas in the recipe but Meredith asked me to go easy on them this time so I only used three. I diced them to make them easier to thaw and stir. 


2 – 4 cups water ( I use 2 because the flavor is stronger)

2 cups sugar ( I use 1 c. Splenda to cut this in half)

1 large can pineapple juice

1 cup chopped strawberries

1 (12 oz.) can frozen orange juice

1 (10 oz.) jar maraschino cherries, juice only

3-6 firm bananas, peeled and chopped (I like them a little green)

Put sugar and water in microwave on high for 1 minute to dissolve sugar. Let cool. Add all ingredients in large container (I use an ice cream bucket) and freeze for about 24 hours. When ready to serve, thaw on counter for 1-2 hours, stir and serve. Refreeze any leftovers. 

Someone online suggested freezing this in gallon freezer bags. I may have to try that. 

I hope you have a great day!