Wild Roses and Privet Hedge
Why is it so hard to transition from school year to summer?  The school year is so busy and scheduled. Then summer comes…thankfully summer comes…and there is more flexibility and I have some control over what each day looks like. You would think it would be a jubilant jump into summer. But it can be a bit bumpy sometimes. Sometimes I’m not quite sure what to put on my To Do List or I know what needs to go on there but I can’t quite get it prioritized right. 

Here is a start to my summer to do’s (in no particular order):

1.  Make a daily To Do List. My dad has always made To Do lists on small cards and keeps them in his pocket. I love 3×5 cards for my lists. I remember when I was young my dad showed me how he made a list and then once he had all of his things down, he would go back and decide which should be #1 and #2 and so forth until they were all prioritized. That’s how I do it though I’ve not been as consistent as he is. 

2.  Exercise early – before starting my list. I just learned that my phone counts my steps. I’m shooting for 10,000 every day. I mean if Siri is counting, I should be walking, right?

3. Keep a hard copy of my calendar in my purse and refer to it often. Keep my course requirements on the real, touch-and-feel-it calendar. I love a pretty calendar. I’ve been using Google calendar for years but I’m ready for a throwback. 

4. Work on memorizing the Psalms every day. Say the ones I have already memorized each day and continue to add to what I’ve learned. Always be working on a new verse. 

5. Have lunch with friends often. 

6. Take some day trips with my family. I want to go to Hot Springs and visit Garvan Woodland Gardens. I have never been here but have wanted to go for years. It’s only a couple hours drive. Crystal Bridges is another place I want to go see soon…. This will require at least one overnight stay. 

They currently have this exhibit:

Van Gogh to Rothko: Masterworks from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

February 21, 2015
through June 1, 2015

 The exhibition features masterpieces by some of the most prominent names in art history including Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and Mark Rothko.

I went there a month or so ago because I was in town but they were closed. I took this picture then. I love their hay exhibit that is in a pasture just before you turn onto their road.  

Here are some wildflowers as you drive down to the museum. 

7. Get my course work done early. Uggg. I’m in graduate school and this is a top priority this summer. I shouldn’t say ‘Uggg.’ But sometimes I do. I’m in a great program with awesome people. I really have no complaints. I’m learning so much. 

8. Do Beth Moore’s study on the Psalms during the summer to help me when Ladies’ Class starts up again in September. 

9. Work from home as much as possible. We don’t have high speed internet out here in the country for many reasons so it makes it hard to do much office work from home but I just got my husband’s phone turned into a hot spot so I can do some grading for my summer classes that I’m teaching online. I can also email some documents from home. But no streaming video–not nearly enough data for that!  Don’t forget!! (This should be on my To Do list…don’t forget)

10. Ride often. I rode this beautiful young horse this week that I think I’m going to claim as mine. She is gentle and slow-moving and relaxing to ride. We’ve had her since she was a baby. My husband says it takes me about 3 years of knowing a horse to trust it. We’ve had her about 3 years. I claim both of the walking horses but they are fast moving with big personalities and not too relaxing to ride. I have to always be ready for them to jump or spook or something. Flashy is calm and happy just to walk around. 

11. Enjoy my kids whenever they are around. Drop everything and hang out with them when they pop in. That will be #1 on my 3×5 card. 

12. Go on walks with my husband. 

This should get me started. I know there are more I should add… Can’t think of them right now. 

This post was inspired by Elizabeth Foss at the blog In the Heart of My Home

What are you doing this summer?

Have a great day!