I saw this on my friend’s blog at makeshift gypsies  and thought it looked fun!  This actually began as an Instagram project (#trueyouproject) but has evolved into other venues. I’m going to participate here. This project encourages people to share a little about themselves. 

1:  Who are you?

I am Amy. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, friend, teacher, student. I live on a small horse farm in the middle of Arkansas.  I am in awe of God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness. 


2:  Your favorite coffee place
I like coffee only when I’m chilled. My favorite place to drink it is at home. I love being home. 

I like sitting on my swing with a cup of coffee but would really like to get a nice big cushion for the seat. 


Day 3:  What Are You Working On Right Now?

I am currently working on my doctorate. I should be finished in May of 2016.  Here is what my work space looks like. It gets more intense as the summer kicks up. 

Honestly, this is a bit more orderly than usual.  

Day 4: From Where You Stand

I took this as the faculty and the graduates were walking into the graduation ceremony on Saturday.  I’m so proud of these graduates!  They will be incredible teachers who have a significant impact on their students and the world. 


Day 5: Show Your Mess

Ugggg. I don’t like this one. I try so hard to get just the right picture that avoids too much of the mess. But here you go… A bit of my mess. 

Here we have winter jackets, halters and lead ropes, and a hat. We’ve kept our horses separated from each other lately so we like to have halters close by. Really…there’s no excuse. 

Day 6: A Few Of Your Favorite Things

Baby blankets I made myself for my children. I had never made quilts before. Meredith’s will surely show up someday!  


My show saddle – I love how big and comfortable it is. I feel really secure in it. 


Beautiful stirrups I won showing my Tennessee Walking horse. I think these are the only things I’ve ever won.  

Here is Spirit.  

This was the first few days after we bought him and brought him home. He had never been let out of a stall long enough to experience the snow before. He was fascinated with it.  I love the snow on his lips. 

A gift from 5-year old Barrett  

Scott bought this china cabinet for me when we were first married.  

Day 7: Your Style

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs the other day and she, Cyndi Spivey, had a picture of some pants I had just bought!  And she styled it for me and everything. 

I bought these pants and another pair at Target. My mom is hemming them for me because they are so so long.  

How would you answer these questions? I would love to hear your answers. 

I am honored that you stopped by my blog. 

Have a great day!