It is really exciting to get a package in the mail. This box was sitting on my steps this week. I was excited to see what they sent me. 

So, here we go:

Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan  
 Edmond Henley Knit Top 

 Kaylie Solid French Terry Blazer 

 Rocco Faux Wrap Dress

 Circle Bib Necklace  

In general, the items did not seem to be well made. The wrap dress was nice but it did not flatter me, so I had my daughter try it on. She liked it so, since I did not want to lose my $20 styling fee, I kept it for her but sent the rest back. It’s $20 for the service but it will apply to the cost of whatever you decide to keep. 

Stitch Fix is suppose to get better as you go along and they figure out what you like and don’t like. I’m not sure about that.  I liked my first box better than any of the subsequent boxes. 

I’m not sure I will keep doing this.  I will update my profile again and see if it gets better. I was disappointed this time or maybe just the novelty of it is wearing off. Maybe I’m hard to fit and would rather pick out my own things.  I’m not sure but I’m going to try at least one more time.  Seeing that box on my steps is really fun!  Scott calls it my new money pit. Ouch!

Have a great day!