I think I have adjusted to being at home without the kids.  It was not too bad.  I got a puppy and  stayed really busy. The 2 in college are attending our local university where my husband and I both teach so even though they moved out of the house, they didn’t go too far.  This was the year our last child went to college.  She headed there a year early so I wasn’t quite prepared, but I’m not sure you ever are prepared for these big life events. This was also the year that our oldest moved out of town and started his career.  He is about 3 hours away.  Now, school is out for the summer and 2 of them are coming back home.

summer 2014
summer 2014

Things have changed since all our children have moved out…

1.  I don’t keep 2 gallons of milk in the refrigerator any more.  I rarely buy milk.  When my children were home, I bought milk every time I went to the store.  Which was often.

2.  We eat low carb which means I keep our bread in the freezer so it won’t mildew and rarely buy cereal.  Cereal is my kids’ favorite food.

3.  I boxed up all of the goodies/junk in their rooms and moved it out.  I kept telling them that this was going to happen.  I don’t think they believed me.  Their rooms look so much better.

4.  Lights are turned out at about 9:00 pm.  We go to bed really early, whenever we can.  They don’t.

5.  I wash clothes once a week, not every hour of every day.  When the kids are home, if the washing machine is not running, I feel like I am way behind.  I was actually behind whether it was running or not, but I least it sounded like something was being done when I could hear the washing machine.

6.  I have cash.  I dole it out when the kids are home.  For one, they go to the store for me, which I don’t like to do .  For another, they put gas in the car which requires some cash.

7.  I share the small bathroom with only one other person.  We have two bathrooms but everyone wants to use the same bathroom.  So we will be sharing the small bathroom with 4 people again.

8.  I know where my iPhone is.  My phone is our only internet access at home.  I got in on the iPhone 1st generation unlimited data plan, so I have kept it.  Which is great except that everyone needs my phone…

9. My shoes are in my closet.  I like that she likes to wear my shoes, but her feet are at least 1 size larger than mine.  It makes for roomy shoes and an occasional trek to her closet to find them.

10.  The house is quiet.  I don’t like this part of the kids being gone.  When they are home, there is usually an extra kid or two around and a lot of laughter.

Have your children flown the coop?  What changed for you?

I hope you have a great day!