kindle edition
This is a light read that follows the lives of two women who were childhood friends, had a falling out, meet up again in their twenties , and decide to open a cupcake store together. One of the women has lots of money and needs to invest it somewhere while the other has lots of talent and creativity. Each chapter alternates between points of view which kept me interested in the book. I eventually liked both characters and could understand the dynamics of their relationship better because of how the author switched back and forth between the women.

I would recommend it, if you don’t want to think very hard but would like a bit of an escape. It’s relatively clean with no explicit scenes or rough language. I was able to relax while reading which is one of the reasons I like to read.

The ending is anticlimactic and predictable but I was willing to endure it because the book was entertaining and I was curious about the characters.

This is Meg Donohue’s first novel and I will probably check out her next one.

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