Here are 8 things I have learned in April.

I like coffee with just creamer and sweetener.  I have always put lots of other stuff in my coffee to be able to drink it (my husband called it liquid candy) but this month I have enjoyed it with much less stuff in it. I am so proud. Granted I put a lot of creamer in it but it is progress. 

My husband really does make better eggs than me. He has started making eggs in the morning and they are so good. Perfect, in fact, they are not too dry or too wet. If he hears me cracking some eggs and heating up the cast iron skillet, he comes into the kitchen and offers to take over. And I let him.

Since I no longer have any kids living at home, I can go to the store about twice a month instead of twice a day. When my children lived at home, I would buy 2-3 gallons of milk every week and lots of cereal. It seemed as if we were always almost out of cereal. Here is a post about my family’s love on cereal.

I am grateful for a pair of flat sandals in my car to put on after work.  It is so nice to put on comfortable shoes for my drive home and I am much more likely to run by the store after work, if I have comfy shoes. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to figure it out.

I am not too old to memorize the Psalms. I have memorized several Psalms this month. It has been more rewarding than I would have thought. I find the words popping into my head all day long. It is surprising how often I can work the Psalms into every day conversation.  Here is a recent post on tips that have helped me to memorize scripture.

I can learn Excel, to some degree. I’m sure hoping this is true. I am taking a class this semester that uses Excel as its major platform. Oh my, I hope I can get this.

I am an outgoing introvert. I enjoy people and have fun in groups but I need down time to recharge. Here is a recent post about this.

You can listen to audio books on at 1.25 speed or higher.  And it doesn’t sound too odd. It really helps keep the book moving along.

What have you learned in April?

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Have a great day!