Buddy came to us from some friends who were moving and couldn’t take him with them. He was only a puppy but was already quite large. That was almost 10 years ago.

Rocky came to us from a lady in town. He was so small that he fit in my boot.

I bought him one Saturday when Scott was out of town. I know. I really do know better but my last child was about to move into a college dorm and I just thought I needed him.

Besides, both of my boys were home and assured me that their dad wouldn’t care.  I had actually been talking about getting a little inside dog for a couple of years. He just didn’t seem to remember those conversations.   But Rocky has won him over.

Rocky goes out with Scott to feed the catfish and the horses.

Rocky has also won Buddy over to his side. Here are some pictures I’ve taken of Buddy and Rocky playing.  Mutt and Jeff.



And then playtime is over.  My own mismatched pair, Mutt and Jeff. 

Have a great day!