I love Sunday dinner at my house with my children and their friends. Today was just that, except one of my kids is all grown up now and lives and works a few hours away and couldn’t be here today.  We missed him!

Many Sundays we have pizza and eat on paper plates or go out to eat. I am never quite sure how many we will have and the weekends tend to be busy. Today, however, I was ambitious and wanted to use my nice dishes and cook. Just in case I’m accused of never cooking, I thought I woukd document our meal today.  

After church, I went by the store and picked up everything I needed for a spaghetti dinner with salad, French bread, and strawberries with ice cream.  Sometimes last minute plans work out the best!  I’m thankful for early services at church!

Easter table is almost ready
Friends and Family


Friends and Family


cleaning up


love these dishes


Have a great day!