I heard this beautiful Swahili song ,Wana Baraka, last night as I was picking up members of the Metropolitan Detroit Youth Choir.

They are touring this week and stopped in our small town. 4 of the choir members stayed with us last night.

They are great young ladies with bright futures. They sang just a few songs but they were so beautiful.  Here is a link to one of their pieces on YouTube.

They helped feed the horses and then we had a snack before bed.

This morning we got them to church early so they could pack the bus and be ready to leave on time.


I got so attached to them!  They brought a lot of laughter and energy into our house. We loved them!

I remember chorus trips so well. We had packing partners and everything for both of us had to fit in one suitcase. We stayed in the homes of people from the local church.  We met such kind people on our trips.   We always left a thank you note to our host family on the bed.  This afternoon I found a sweet thank you note from all the girls.

And then there were those long bus rides.  We played cards, read, and talked about everything. I remember getting so close to my friends on those trips.  Great memories!

They will bless many this week! I wish them well!