I thought I might be skipping this week’s photo challenge by WordPress.  The word is ephemeral which means lasting for a very short time.  However, when my friends and I ordered Caledonia Scotch Eggs as an appetizer for lunch, I knew they would last a very short time.

Ephemeral:  Caledonia Scotch Eggs
Ephemeral: Caledonia Scotch Eggs

They are boiled eggs with a crust of sausage and bread crumbs.  It was served with a spicy brown mustard.  They were so good!

We were at McNamara’s Irish Pub in Nashville.  It was a really nice break from a long Saturday of classes.

McNamara's Irish Pub
McNamara’s Irish Pub

I found a recipe online.  Click here for Scotch Eggs recipe.  One lady said that she baked these at 350 for 35-40 minutes instead of frying them.

Have a great day!