Dr. Kent Brantley’s Question and Answer time at the Harding University ASI last night was more moving or at least as moving as his prepared presentation.  Here is a paraphrasing of some of the things he said during theDr Brantley Q & A session.

Question:  What was it like when you thought you might die on the mission field?

Dr. Brantley:  You don’t have to worry about dying on the mission field, if you have already died to yourself at home.

Question:  What was it like to be named Time Person of the Year?

Dr. Brantley:  I am not the person of the year.  I am just a representative of a host of people who were named.

Question:  How did you come to know Jesus?

Dr. Brantley:  I am a beneficiary of the promise.  God will show his love to generations of those who love him. (Exodus 20:6) I was blessed to have parents who loved God and showed me Jesus…and grandparents who taught me to love God.

Question:  How do you square that a loving God and an omnipotent God can allow such suffering?

Dr. Brantley:  This is a good question and should not be dismissed.  I am asked this question a lot.  I can not give you a nice tidy answer that you will be able to walk away from here and think, “OK, I understand now.”  I just know that I am alive and must use my life in a meaningful way to help people.  And God will set things right.

Question:  Will you return to Africa as a medical missionary?

Dr. Brantley:  I would like to but I have been given this platform and I believe that I have to be a faithful steward of these opportunities.  I don’t want to stand before God someday and have him ask say, “I gave you this platform, what did you do with it?”  And then I have to go dig up the opportunities that I buried for safe keeping and present them to him.

Question:  Is it safe to go to Liberia and do mission work there?

Dr. Brantley:  If God has called you to Liberia then that is the safest place for you to be.  We have fooled ourselves into believing in security.  There are different dangers in the U.S. (materialism) than there are in Liberia.   The safest place to be is wherever God has called you.

Question:  What was the difference in your care between Liberia and Atlanta?

Dr. Brantley:   In Liberia, I spent a lot of time alone because the nurses couldn’t stay with me.  In Atlanta, the nurses could stay with me 24 hours a day.  I was not alone and that made all the difference.


Thank you, Dr. Brantley.  I hope that I have represented you well in this post.  I was deeply moved by your presentation.