Kalimera! (Good Morning) We are all up and having breakfast. It is another beautiful day here and we have not stopped since we got off the plane. Your children are wonderful! They have all had such great attitudes and helpful spirits. Tomorrow we will have a relaxed day of class and free time at the Artemis. But today, we will tour the ancient city of Corinth and climb Acrocorinth where the temple of Aphrodite stood. After lunch we will explore Epidaurus, a place of healing that is home to one of the most beautifully preserves amphitheaters with a gorgeous view.

Yesterday we left the Artemis at 10:30 and headed straight into Athens. The kids were able to see the 2004 Olympic village from the bus. Our guide’s name is James and he is great! Very intelligent, a believer and had a super sense of humor that kept a bus full of teenagers engaged. We took a walking tour of downtown Athens and everyone ate their first gyro at Sabba,s a favorite restaurant of past groups. The students were able to get a preview of the shops and plan how they will use their free time on Sunday.

After lunch, we toured the new Parthenon museum. This was a first for everyone and it was so helpful having a guide take us to the artifacts of significance and learn about the history of the Parthenon before we went there. We climbed up to the Parthenon in the late afternoon and were able to avoid the heat and crowds of the day. It was amazing to see such an amazing example of perfection in architecture, so says our proud Greek guide! The view of Athens, home to four million, was pretty awesome too.

In contrast to the Parthenon stands Mars Hill. Our guide read to us from Acts where Paul addresses the Athenians at this site. We climbed around on top and even sang a few devotional songs while overlooking the Roman forum.

Tired and weary from a good long day, we loaded the bus. Our last stop was at the site of the first Olympic games. It is an arena that is still used each fall for a marathon that begins in Marathon and ends here.

They were in class after supper to prepare for Corinth. They are real troupers! A lot is expected from them during this time. Greek is not an easy language but they are getting it! Their attitudes couldn’t be better. They are eager to learn and are working hard.

Again, we are so thankful for the students that are with us this summer. They are a wonderful group! It’s obvious that they have wonderful parents! They have been respectful of the ancient sites, the people that we meet, and each other. There is a genuine sense of inclusiveness and appreciation for each other. They are forming friendships that will last a lifetime.