Ernest Hemingway said that the destination was not important. He said that only the journey matters. Well… I beg to differ. We have just traveled to the other side of the world and the destination matters. It matters a whole lot to all of us who got off the plane, a bit bedraggled, in Athens yesterday. One of the main reasons that I could get on the plane in Little Rock was the destination. I knew I would arrive, Lord willing, in beautiful, sunny, proud Greece. The destination matters.

One of the main reasons that I make the choices that I make, that I live the life that I live, that I have the friends that I have is because of my destination. I am going somewhere. I am headed somewhere. I have a significant destination. The journey is filled with joy and sorrow, peace and turmoil. My destination will be filled with joy, peace, and love. I can’t wait!

We are on our way to the Acropolis and Mars Hill. It will be a great afternoon!




Chapel at the Artemis