June 2011

Meredith was on her first international mission trip.  I sent her a text to find out how she was doing.  She was only 14.   I couldn’t wait to hear about all of her exciting adventures.   She had never been out of the country before.  She would be full of stories and details about her trip.

This is how our conversation went:

———————Hey, hon, how r u


——————–R u having fun


——————–How r u feeling

again good

——————–r u busy?  u sound busy

yep cards

——————–ok i’ll talk to u later 143


Never mind the stories and tales of adventure.  Those would have to wait till later.  The card game was in process.  She had things to do.  I’d drag those stories and tales out of her when she got home and couldn’t find a enough people to play cards.  Till then, by all means play cards!