• a little big
  • good smelling
  • lots of cushion
  • dirt free
  • brand spanking new









Now if these shoes can keep me on my running schedule….

It has been 6 years since I ran regularly.  A lot has happened during those 6 years.  I want my running life back!  I love to run.  I love the challenge every day of finishing what I’ve started.  I love the blood pumping through my veins so hard I can feel every pulse.  I love putting on new shoes.  I love being done with my run for the day.  I love the knowledge that I am doing what I can to stay healthy and strong.  I love that running is just about me and my will to get up and get my shoes on.  I love sweating so hard, it’s dripping off my nose.  I love being done for the day .  I love making my heart happy.  I love being done.

When I see myself as a runner, I see myself as one who is strong, young (I know, but I SEE myself as young), and fit.  I see someone who is disciplined and full of life, brave…  I feel more alive and optimistic.

I started running again on Saturday, July 16.  I have run every day since then, except today.  Today is a day to rest so my muscles can recoup. Today is hard because I have to believe that I will get up and run tomorrow even though I didn’t run today.  Today I am scared that my desire to run  will wane before I wake up.  And if that happens, if I don’t run tomorrow, does that mean that I am I not who I thought I was?

I’m not sure running scared is the highest motivation for exercise, but I’ll take whatever motivation I can scrape up!