How can you tell that you are in a foreign country?  Some of our recent experiences made it quite plain.

Istanbul Spice Market
  • You are laying on a quiet, peaceful beach, when a dark haired man rushes up to you, shaking his finger and babbling at you.
  • You leave the restroom hoping that your forgetfulness doesn’t cause the entire Greek countryside to overflow it’s pipes.
  • You buy a beautiful blouse with currency that looks like monopoly money.
  • You order a glass of orange juice and get french fries.

How do we as Christians know that we are in a foreign country?  How do we experience citizenship somewhere else?  What are the signs?

  • We invest where moth and rust do not destroy.  Matthew 6
  • We live as children of God.  Romans 9
  • We have our eyes set on what is unseen.  II Corinthians 4
  • We have peace that passes understanding.  Philippians 4
  • We don’t grieve as those without hope.  I Thessalonians 4
  • Our lives are but a mist.  James 4
  • We will live forever.  John 6
  • We wait with eager expectation.  Romans 8

I know there are more….