Brooks and I had been told of a romantic coffee house high up on a hill in Porto Rafti.  My expectations were high and I think Brooks’s were low.  We arrived about nine o’clock and there were only two other couples sitting at tables.  The view of the Agean Sea was amazing and the breeze was a soothing relief from the heat of the day. The menu consisted of a wide variety of coffees, drinks and desserts.  We both selected an ice cream dish and ordered what we imagined to be  hot cups of strong coffee that we could leisurely sip as we watched the sun set.  The ice cream looked cold and wonderful, unfortunately the coffee did too.  Oops, iced coffee, which explained the waiter’s strange look but hey that didn’t dampen the mood one bit.  An hour later, the place was really filling up.  It turns out they open at six in the evening and close at three in the morning.  We both left planning our next visit!