Temple of Apollo

 We toured for 13 hours today!  The bus pulled out around seven and got back a little after eight.  We are tired but it was a good day and the next three days will be spent around the Artemis having class, talking about what all we’ve seen and getting ready for Turkey.  The bulk of the day was spent touring Delphi.  This was a famous spot where people would go for spiritual guidance.  They would bring gifts and speak before a priestess who would deliver an oracle of their future.  We saw things in the museum that were made before the time of Moses!

Up at the top of Delphi, there is a stadium that was the site of the Pythian games around the 5th century.  It was so preserved you could just picture it full of men screaming for their favorite athlete.  Hopefully, you can tell by the pictures that the setting itself was beautiful!

The Oracle of Delphi
Discussing Sports at the Olympic Stadium
I Corinthians 9
Shade Hunters

 We ate lunch at a local restaurant.  They served us a yummy appetizer of lasagna followed by pork kabobs, french fries, salad and baklava.  There was an overlook in a garden behind the restaurant where we took a group photo.

HUHA at Delphi Restaurant
True Colors!

 Our last stop of the day was a working Greek Orthodox monastery.  All of us girls that were wearing shorts had to don some lovely monk-made skirts before we could enter the complex.  Tomorrow we will begin studying church history and so today’s tour was a great set-up for Scott’s lesson.

10th Century Monastery
The Monastery at Delphi

 It is so nice to smell supper in the oven when you walk in from a long day.  Fofi had left us stirfry which we quickly demolished.  In the evening, the students enjoy walking around the nearby shops and getting dessert.  They have found some rather interesting things such as crepes, fried dough with chocolate or honey and the ever popular gelato.

We are letting everyone sleep in tomorrow!!!! Yeah!  So good night for now or as they say in Greece, Καληνύχτα (kaliníhta).

Jill and Amy

Entering the Artemis