We began our day a little later than usual and left the Artemis in Porto Rafti at 10:00.  I think the students needed some extra rest, not to mention the teachers!  The bus came to pick us up and take us into Athens.  This is the way to go in a foreign country!  The bus driver let us out at the “changing of the guards”  at Syntagma Square (http://www.remunda.com/travel/review/syntagma.html) with plans to pick us up at Monastiraki Square

Leather Shop

Shopping was high on the list of several of us.  I found the bracelet to match my pendant that I bought 2 years ago!  The Plaka has lots of shops and places to eat.  Some of the guys said they ate a lot today.  The Roman Forum is close by and Scott and Brooks took several students there.  It was very hot, but Starbucks’ air conditioning helped out.

An Authentic Greek Food
Lunch at the Plaka
Greek Gyros
Cards at Starbucks
Another Table of Cards at Starbucks
Taking a Break from the Heat
Evening Worship at the Artemis

Today was a long but fun day.  We are all tired and have to leave by 7:00 tomorrow for a tour of Delphi, so I think I’ll keep it short and get in bed.  We are loving your kids!  Thanks so much for sharing them with us.  They are a joy.

Amy and Jill