Today’s task was for the students to create a human map of the ancient Mediterranean world.  In pairs, students were given a country, city or sea and had to come up with a mneumonic device to remember the names of these places. For example, Dylan represented Byzantium by changing the name to Dylantium.  They had to stay in their places until five people could name all the places on the map.  Suprisingly, this didn’t take very long. 

Later in class, this exercise provided some good discussion about group dynamics and leadership.  It may sound like we are having a lot of classwork but I really think this is a great preparation for their Freshman year.  They are getting good practice at balancing socializing with studying! 

Organizing the Map
Human Map of the Mediterranean

 After a relaxed afternoon, we all packed a sack supper and loaded the bus for the southern most tip of the Attica pennisula, Cape Sounion.  This is one of the most picturesque places in all of Greece.  It graces the covers of many coffee table books about Greece.  At the top is the temple of Posiedon and it even has famous graffiti by Lord Byron the poet.  We all enjoyed the slow, lazy sunset. 

Sunset at Sounion
picnic at Sounion
Go Ahead and Jump!
Sunset at Sounion

Thankfully, after an hour delay in Memphis, Brooks made his scheduled flight and has now joined our group.  We are all over jet-lag but we may be dragging him around Athens tomorrow.

The Greek people are following the world cup very closely right now. Several students are watching USA play right now.  The bus driver has been talking about it and it is all over the television. It was funny hearing him try to explain American football to our tour guide. 

Tomorrow we will spend most of the day at the Plaka in Athens (lots of shopping, the girls are excited).  We will come back to the Artemis for an evening worship service.   

We look forward to reading your comments!  It keeps us inspired to post.  The students are getting used to hearing us say, “Let’s take a picture for the blog!”

Once again, another great day in Greece! 

 Jill and Amy